The Personal Protective Equipment at Work (PPE) Regulations 1992

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work (PPE) Regulations 1992

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be used when the risks cannot be avoided or sufficiently limited by technical means of collective protection or systems of work. PPE means equipment designed to be worn, or used by the employee, to protect against one or more hazards likely to endanger health and safety at work.

The Employer must :-
- Assess the risk(s) posed.
- Select PPE which :-
- Gives protection against the risk(s).
- Is suitable for the employee, including fitting correctly.
- Is compatible with the work.
- Complies with the relevant European Community provisions on design and manufacture - EC Mark.
Provide PPE 'free of charge'.

Maintain PPE in clean, good working order.

Provide information and instruction and training in the use of PPE.

Involve Employees or their representatives in the selection of PPE.

The Employee must :-
- Use the PPE provided.
- Inform the employer if PPE is damaged or unsuitable.
General requirements applicable to all PPE :-
- Design Principles.
- PPE must be designed and manufactured so that the user can perform the risk-related activity normally whilst possessing protection of the highest possible level.
- Effectiveness of PPE.
- PPE must be designed and manufactured as to prevent risks and other nuisance factors, under foreseeable conditions of use.
- Comfort and Efficiency.
- The PPE supplied must be suitable for all employees therefore it should be adjustable or an adequate size range must exist.
Information supplied by the manufacturer. PPE must be supplied with the relevant information by the manufacturer such as :-
- Storage, use, cleaning, maintenance, servicing and disinfection.
- What level of protection is provided by the PPE ?
- What accessories or spare parts exist ?
- The expiry date of the PPE or certain of its components.
- What type of packaging is suitable for transport ?

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