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Guide to Pipe Marking


Pipe Marking Introduction

All pipes that carry any substance must be correctly labelled to comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signage) Regulations 1996. Pipes must be colour coded and show name of substance being transported as well as the direction of the flow, chemical symbols, abbreviations and hazards must be marked with the corresponding symbols.

Where to mark pipes

  • Close to valves
  • Where pipes change direction
  • At regular intervals
  • Where pipe passes through floors or walls, both sides must be marked
Rolls are available in 50mm and 150mm widths. 33 Metres long.

Rolls are available in 50mm widths. 33 Metres long.


More General I.D tapes available please contact us for more information

Safety I.D. Colours

Rolls are available in 50mm and 100mm widths. 33 Metres long.