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Photoluminescent General Signs

Fires and other emergencies can sometimes result in power failures, making even well-lit buildings dark and difficult to navigate. This can be extremely frightening and disorientating for people on site and can make rapid evacuation more difficult. Our photoluminescent general signs self-charge using ambient light and are highly visible even in total darkness, enabling employees and visitors to quickly find the nearest exit routes in the event of an emergency. They can also highlight other important features, such as fire extinguishers and fire alarms. 
DANGER Sudden drop from £5.13 GBP £22.52 GBP
Your assembly point is......signs from £2.28 GBP £7.34 GBP
DANGER Mind Your Step Sign from £2.28 GBP £3.26 GBP
DANGER Trip Hazard Sign from £5.13 GBP £7.34 GBP
DANGER Mind you head from £7.20 GBP £10.30 GBP