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Gas & Explosive Signs

Reduce Risk with our Value Priced Gas & Explosive Signs

When hazards exist in the workplace regulations state that appropriate signage must be used to allow employees and visitors to take caution. These signs should be used to permanently mark areas, rooms and enclosures that are used for the storage or explosive substances or for areas in which an explosive atmosphere could exist.

We have an extensive selection of gas and explosive signs that are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit.
DANGER Compressed air from £2.28 GBP £9.92 GBP
DANGER Compressed gas from £2.28 GBP £3.26 GBP
DANGER Test Area Signs from £5.13 GBP £7.34 GBP
Dangerous substance from £5.13 GBP £7.34 GBP
DANGER Explosion risk from £2.28 GBP £3.26 GBP
DANGER Explosive Material Signs from £2.28 GBP £3.26 GBP
DANGER Fire risk from £2.28 GBP £9.92 GBP
Dangerous when wet from £5.13 GBP £22.52 GBP
DANGER Spontaneously combustible from £5.13 GBP £7.34 GBP