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Fire Exit Up Signs

Zero-Hassle Online Ordering - “Fire Exit Up” Signs

Regulations regarding fire drill protocol are extremely strict to keep staff and customers safe in the event of an emergency evacuation. The extensive range of fire exit signs available from Direct Signs help to ensure that every base is covered when it comes to emergency evacuations. However, it is always advisable to have the relevant equipment available for your fire wardens to ensure everybody gets safely out of a building.

The most efficient route to the outside of a building must be highlighted concisely so there are no accidents or mistakes during the evacuation process. Fire Exit Up Signs clearly show that the route to the nearest fire exit is either up or straight on. 
Exit Symbol Arrow Angular up Left from £2.28 GBP £7.34 GBP
Exit Symbol Arrow up Right from £2.28 GBP £7.34 GBP
Exit Symbol Arrow up Left from £2.28 GBP £7.34 GBP
Fire Exit Symbol Arrow up Left from £4.55 GBP £6.51 GBP